septic tank pumping charge


The pump prices include pumping out of a 1,000 gallon or less septic tank (or) 1,500 gallon or less septic tank, up to 18 inches of digging, 50 feet of hose and normal levels of sludge and solids. We never charge a fuel surcharge or an environmental fee. Our prices are based on the standard requirements of a septic system installation, and of a septic system that has been cared for and maintained. We must at all times keep the septic pump trucks on solid ground such as driveways, concrete, gravel and other.


Our prices are based on the standard requirements of a septic system installation, and of a septic system that has been cared for and maintained properly. It is the policy of Septic Plus, Inc. to inform the customer of additional charges, if any, BEFORE the work begins. The charges will be explained to the customer fully, and the customer will approve charges before the service tech begins the work.

TANK ACCESS: In the event your septic tank is covered by a concrete slab, a deck, hard landscape, decorative landscape or other, there will be an additional fee. The service tech will inform the customer of the extra cost based on the difficulty and the time it will take to perform the additional work.

ADDITIONAL HOSES: We include 50 feet of hose from the pump truck to the septic tank. If you require additional hoses it will be a $25 charge per hose, our hoses come in 25 foot lengths. The reason for this is, the farther away the tank the more wear and tear it puts on our pumps, therefore this will lessen the life of the pump.

EXTRA GALLONS: If your tank is over full, or liquid is running back into your tank due to a blockage or saturated field, then this will result in a charge for extra gallons. The reason for this is we are charged an additional fee at the approved disposal facility. The service tech will inform you if any additional fees may apply.

EXTRA DIGGING: We include up to 18 inches of digging. If your tank happens to be deeper than 18 inches, there may be an additional cost. The service tech will explain the charges before beginning the work.

SLUDGE OR SOLIDS: It is a possibility that septic tanks that have not been maintained or have been neglected will accumulate an abnormal amount of sludge or solids. When this occurs it becomes difficult for the pump to remove the septage through the hoses. In order to pump the tank the service tech will have to use a tool and water to break down the sludge and solids. This will result in an extra charge, which depends on the difficulty to remove the contents out of the septic tank.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Upon completion of the septic tank pumping, our qualified service technician will inspect your tank and components. If our service tech detects any problems or issues, they will make recommendations to insure your septic system will be compliant and in proper working order. The service tech will give you a price for additional services needed, if any, and as always prior to any work being performed our technician will thoroughly explain what work needs to be performed and what the cost will be associated with completing the service. All services will require your written authorization on our invoice and/or manifest.